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Plasma Gaming Official Forum Rules
Please note - All of the rules all depend upon a given staff members' discretion, if you disagree with their decision, please contact a member of management through feedback here.

General Rules:​

1) Spamming - Continuously and uselessly sending the same message, topic, reply etc to the forum users is not permitted.
2) Insulting - Directly or indirectly engaging in abusive remarks against a given person is punishable.
3) Inappropriate Content - This is including, but not limited to: Pornographic Content, Illegal Content etc. Posting any form of this is strictly prohibited.
4) Off-topic posting – You may not post replies which are not relevant to the topic or any previous comments on the topic. You must also use the appropriate category when creating topics.
5) Profanity - Using any form of vulgar, profane or otherwise offensive language, including Abbreviations of swear words is prohibited.
6) Language - English is the only language that is permitted on the forums at the current moment in-time
7) Discrimination - Any form of narrow-minded (i.e - Racist, Bigoted, Sexist) attacks on a given individual or set of individuals is strictly forbidden.
8) Impersonation - Attempting to impersonate any other community member or otherwise a given rank is not allowed. (For reference, this covers Backseat Moderation).
9) Personal Information - Revealing anyone's personal information is forbidden. This means anything that is specifically for a given person only (i.e home address etc).
10) Product promotion- Any kind of product promotion of which is not related to Plasma Gaming or its associated games in any way is not permitted on the forums. Due to the recent increase in these kinds of posts, it will result in an instant perm-ban.

In addition to the above rules, we have dedicated set of rules for a given section or feature of the forum.

Signature Rules:
Blinking signatures or those of which can trigger a given medical condition are not allowed.
For reference, animated signatures are allowed but must follow the general rules, same goes for regular signatures.

For small offences, users may be PM'd about their actions, or given a Verbal Warning. A Verbal Warning is a warning that carries no Warning Points.

1-5 Warning Points is to allow you to change your behaviour
6-8 Warning Points: Your content will be moderated
9 Warning Points: Restricted from Posting
10 Warning Points: Permanently Banned

The Moderation Manager or a Community Manager can override any punishment and can give any number of warning points at once.

Further information:
These rules can change quite often and Plasma Gaming reserve the right to change them whenever necessary.
If you disagree with a given punishment, you can contact a member of management through the feedback system here.

03/12/2017 - Original Rules published.
07/12/2017 - Added 'Punishment' information.
10/01/2018 - Added 'Spamming' rule due to recent events.
17/11/2018 - Overhaul of all rules, some rules have been rewritten and the suggestion format rule has been removed as this is now automatically enforced.
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