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[EN] Minecraft Game Rules (03/02/18)

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Minecraft Game Rules
General Rules:
  1. No Sexual / Inappropriate Content. This applies on all services on our Network
  2. No profanity or vulgar content/language/behavior (Profanity or vulgar content/language is not allowed. Implied profanity, such as abbreviations of swear words is not allowed. Attacking other users comes under this rule)
  3. No impersonating staff (You are not allowed to attempt to impersonate any staff members, including by name or anything else)
  4. No posting personal details of other users (You are not allowed to post any personal details about another user, including address, phone numbers, etc.)
  5. Do not spam the chat or game commands.
  6. Any form of Advertising on the SOFTUF Network is forbidden.
  7. Do not cause lag which can be avoided. This mainly is focused on Redstone Machines that create lag. These will be disabled and punishments will be applied.
  8. Do not attack a player or mob then instantly leave before they or you die. This also applies if you have been attacked by a player or mob. This counts as combat logging and will automatically give you a 1 day ban.
Survival Rules: (General Rules + Survival Rules)
  1. Do not place and break blocks repeatedly without reason. Every block interaction is logged and we could do without the massive database.
  2. Griefing is not permitted. We have logging systems in place, so yes we do know who's done what.
  3. If it's not yours, don't take it.
  4. If you feel a player has left (Not coming back to SOFTUF) and you wish to claim their land. Please file a player report against them or if you don't know the player, ask a Moderator to check when the land was last built on. It is up to Moderator Discretion as to whether you can then take that land.
Creative Rules: (General Rules + Creative Rules)
  1. Don't cause lag where it can be avoided.
  2. By default everyone gets 1 plot. You may ask for more but that is a Managers decision (Community or Project Manager)
SkyWars Rules: (General Rules + SkyWars Rules)
  1. Teaming is not allowed
BuildBattle Rules: (General Rules + BuildBattle Rules)
  1. No inappropriate Builds. Please see Rule 1 of General Rules.
02/08/2018 - Updated General Rule 7
18/12/2018 - Updated General Rule 6 - Advertising is not permitted on the SOFTUF Network.
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