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Hotfix Now Live for January Update


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Hello everyone,
We have made a small update which fixes a handful of issues which were introduced with the latest update.

Please see the fixed issues below.


  • Adjustments made to collision physics on vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where player tags would be duplicated in multiplayer
  • Fire truck horn and secondary siren fixed
  • Police and EMS fire extinguisher capacity now 45, firefighters extinguisher now 100
  • NPC cars no longer drive off without the driver present
  • Mission tag no longer stuck on map after character reset from contact with water
  • Minor adjustments made to new vehicles
  • New translations added
  • Vehicle selection menu rotate with mouse invert
  • NPC car brake lights now switch off correctly after contact with spike strips
We would like to thank the community again for their continued support for this product throughout early access

The Flashing Lights Team

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