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My rock climbing equipment


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As many of you know I do a lot of climbing. Although some of the stuff I use belongs to the rock climbing group, I am slowly building up a collection of climbing equipment.

Firstly, my harness. This is worn by the climbing and is what the rope is tied into. I will admit I got the cheapest one in Go outdoors as at the time I didn't have much money. But it works and tbf, for the price is quite comfortable. I have a ClimbX pilot harness:

Climbing shoes allow more grip when on holds due to the flat rubber bottom.... These do not come cheap! The pair I have got have lasted me 2 years which is surprising as the rubber can wear away over time. I have the Scarpa velocity shoes.

I also have a belay device and carabiner from ClimbX also. This is what the person at the bottom of the wall uses to take in the rope or to give out making sure that if the climber was to fall then they would just fall onto the rope.

A chalk bag is used to dip your hands into when they are sweaty or slightly greasy so that the moisture is absorbed and that you have more grip on the holds (especially when they're small). I just have a normal red psychi chalk bag.

If anyone gets the chance to do climbing, even if it's just once then I would give it a go!

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