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New Minecraft Gamemode: Village Defence!


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New Minecraft Gamemode: Village Defence!
Good news everyone!

Village Defence is coming to SOFTUF!

Stand firm as you take on waves on incoming zombies trying to kill your villagers! Don't let the villagers or all players die or the game will end!

This game takes skill and is very fast-paced! So what are you waiting for! Jump in and play Village Defence today!

We have 3 maps that we will start off with: Quarry, Hollow and Canyon! We will add more as time goes on :)

This game can be played Solo or with friends, so get some practice in while you wait, or bring some friends along to conquer them all!

To play Village Defence, go into Minecraft and connect to server '' - Then at the lobby, click on the 'Village Defence' join sign to join!
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