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Player Care Package Test


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Hi players,

A while back, we launched the Player Care Package as a way to distribute rewards for completing missions and logging in during special events. Unfortunately, the system had some issues that led to its temporary removal.

We've been hard at work updating it and we're now ready to run a stability test with the latest version. Starting March 14, players who login to the game will receive temporary items through the Player Care Package to stress test the updated system. Please see below for full specifics.

Thank you in advance and as always, your testing and feedback will be valuable in helping us make necessary improvements for the future return of this feature.

Test Schedule:
  • Start: Mar 14 3am PDT / Mar 14 11am CET / Mar 14 7pm KST
  • End: Mar 15 3am PDT / Mar 15 11am CET / Mar 15 7pm KST
To Claim:
  • Log into Lobby
  • Press the Player Care Package button on the top right corner to verify

If you experience any issues when claiming your rewards, please first restart your game and then contact Customer Support[].

  • Leather Hoodie (White) (14 days)
  • Turquoise Delight - Kar98k (20 days)
  • Bengal Tiger - Parachute (14 days)

Thank you!

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