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Two weeks before Christmas and all through the shop...


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Twas two weeks before Christmas and all through the shop

The customers were coming, they never did stop.

A new router was sited in the office with care

With hopes that fibre broadband soon would be there,

While out on the shop floor a cordless VOIP phone

Sent from the MSP had made its home.

By the shop's self trained "tech" installed, ready and live

Having heard that cutover day soon would arrive.

Installing the phone went with nary a hitch,

The base station just plugged into their Network switch

Tested, it called other phones very well

But of incoming calls, not even a smell

But cutover day was scheduled to come,

And the "tech" assumed when this day came, twould be done.

The "tech" was not in on cutover day,

But phoned the day after to see things were ok,

Ok they were not, for the phone did not ring,

"Do we need to use fibre for this VOIP thing?"

the "tech" asked himself and went into the shop

Off to the rescue to make problems stop,

Into the fibre router the switch he did plug,

And down went the shop's net and POS with a chug,

So "tech" reversed the change and called MSP support,

With a huge problem they seemed to be caught

Explaining to help desk, our tech he did get

Advised that cutover was phone and not net,

"That's not then the problem?" He leapt up with a jerk,

"Then why does the telephone no longer work?"

Support said "so I can help you, tell me which

devices are plugged into your network switch"

"Tech" looked at the cable mess in great despair

But could see that the problem may well be there

Yet out from the switch came spaghetti devastation,

So first "tech" checked cables from the VOIP phone base station.

"Tech" followed the cable and responded with glee

"I've located the problem: error ID ten T"

For the shop's so called tech had committed the sin

Of failing to check again, twas no longer plugged in.

(Source: Reddit: Tales From Tech Support)

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