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UPDATE NOW LIVE - Controller Support, Traffic Advisory Light Bars, New Traffic Ticket Options


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Hello all,

Flashing Lights' August update is now live! This content update introduces proper controller support, with a pre-set default controller. This means you can now plug in your controller of choice and you're good to go!

We've also added traffic advisory light bars for all vehicles, as well as further traffic ticket options. Read on for the full patch notes.

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August 2019 Update Full Patch Notes

New Content

- Controller support with default layouts for handheld controllers and steering wheels added (with this update all controls will reset once to the new default layout)
- Mouse cursor system updated to support movement by controller
- Traffic advisory light bars for all department vehicles added. By default, use buttons 3; 4; 5
- Additional options for traffic tickets - Driving License None/Expired, Registration Suspended and Insurance Expired
- Ability to autofill person name or number plate details in police computer database search and traffic tickets


- Controller sensitivity issues for camera movement and steering
- Vehicle steering adjustments
- Camera will auto-follow vehicle quicker if mouse/controller look around input active
- Input for callouts Accept/Skip was not registering mapping changes
- Police computer Scan Vehicle in Front stopped working occassionally - this has been fixed
- Police computer was disabled until game restart, if opened in first person mode and then changed vehicles. This is now fixed.
- Police computer screen in vehicle now will stay on when player gets out without turning it off
- Police computer cursor fixed
- Respawned NPC data now correctly displays on police computer
- Police computer showed double screens (3d and 2d) in first person mode. This has been fixed.
- Police computer showed 2d screen when turning it off in first person mode
- Police computer in first person mode zoomed out camera when clicking back to Homescreen - this has been fixed.
- Tow truck NPC no longer can be interacted with in multiplayer
- Missing healing scenarios for Unconscious person call now added.
- Traffic stop on foot compliance time shortened
- Translation fixes following community feedback

The Flashing Lights Team

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