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Van life and skoolies - Living on the road, wouldn't it be fun!?!?!


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Wouldn't it be so much fun to find adventure all across the UK and Europe and have your house with you all the time with all your stuff. Living off-grid with no bills to pay apart from fuel, tax and insurance.

I know I would love to do a van conversion and travel the UK/europe to cliffs, kayaking location and just amazing places. I just love the idea of it. I would love to do what is known as a skoolie which is an american school bus conversion into a house. But there is so much work to even get a school bus over to the UK and then to make it road legal and you can't have any sharp edges etc.
But they do look amazing!

Van conversions from online:

Now these look AMAZING:

This is how someone did an American school bus conversion in the UK:

What do you guys think of this idea? Would you do it?
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